Building successful distributed teams is not easy.

We’ve built a process and platform to enable companies to work with the worlds best talent as easy as local teams

Distributed is enabled by

UK Delivery Team

Our London based delivery team act as your single point of contact they create the acceptance criteria and manage the development team all through delivery.

Global Elastic Teams™️

Elastic teams is a pioneering platform to give developers democratic access to work wherever they are. While matching clients with pre-vetted, specialised expert developers at scale.

Digital Platform

Our client side platform gives clients full visibility on active and historical projects at any time from any device.

What is our proven process

The process was built from our own experience being remote developers, as well as managing remote teams.

We found that managing remote developers took too much time and headspace and ended up being a negative experience for everyone involved. We believe outsourcing shouldn’t be stressful so we built an expert team to reduce quality issues and improve output.

Your UK delivery team

Delivery Lead

Our delivery leads are typically ex-programmers and act as your primary point of contact, responsible for communication of project milestones, KPIs and progress. They coordinate the team composition and balance of workload.

Technical Lead

The Technical lead is responsible for assembling the right team for your engagement, translating client brief into technical work packages for the Elastic Team and ensuring every outcome is delivered to spec.

Quality Assurance Lead

The QA lead is responsible for integrating our bleeding-edge QA tech stack and process into every stage of the development process. This QA-driven approach to development underpins our “Quality-first” ethos that Distributed was founded on.

Global Elastic Team

The problem with hiring developers is you need a very varied skill set that is rare. Great full-stack developers command a premium because they are able to develop software but also self manage and communicate well.

An Elastic team is flexible in its composition, you can have front-end one week and back-end next. We add specialist skills to your existing team whenever you need them.

Digital Platform

Naturally after bad experiences with some outsourcing companies our clients wanted complete visibility on project progress on their terms.

We’ve invested in a proprietary platform to automate and improve delivery outcomes. Providing you with full visibility on your project progress at any time.

Want to get started?

We’ve made it very easy to get started, most times you can get a project going in less than 72 hours!

Here’s how:

1. Planning

Need help scoping a project?

Book a solution architect

Already have a project in mind? Get an instant estimate on price with our free estimation tool

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2. Kick-off

We’ll introduce you to your Project Delivery Lead. Who take requirements and translate them into Guaranteed Expected Outcomes.

Once we have agreed those with you that is exactly what you’ll get delivered for the quoted price.

No overcharging, hidden fees, unfixed bugs, poor quality delivery or open ended timelines.

3. Proof of concept

Every first project is treated as a proof of concept. We work to deliver your outcomes to the highest standard as quickly as possible, while over communicating updates and timeline.

We remove headaches. We don’t create them.

Your headspace is valuable so you’ll get weekly email updates from our Platform built to provide real time visibility on your projects as and when you need them.

4. Retained Service

Most clients find once we’ve validated our partnership, that retaining their development teams makes sense.

This can be to cope with ongoing development, product maintenance, knocking off other projects from the digital roadmap or reducing technical debt.

We can move to a retained hourly rate with all the benefits of a full team included. That means completely flexible costs month on month and the ability to switch off and on as you require.