Plan duration (months)PAYG121212
Number of projects1366+
User licenses51020oo
Scale on-demand
Dedicated PM
Fully managed for you
100% guaranteed del
2x quality assured
All tech and languages
Access to Elastic Team
EI. Team locailty control
24hr brief-to-start
Free intro project
(£ < 5k)
Audit workshop (< £3k)PAYG£5.6k£8.9kCall
Most popular
Duration of the planPAYG12 months12 months12 months
Projects of the plan1 project3 projects6 projects6+ projects
User licenses (Add. seats - £80/month)5 licenses10 licenses20 licensesUnlimited
Scale up & down on-demand
Dedicated Project Manager
Fully managed Elastic Team
100% guaranteed satisfaction & delivery
2x quality assured
All technologies and coding languages
Full access to AI created Elastic Teams
24 hour brief-to-start
Elastic Team country control
Free intro project (worth £5,400)
Audit workshop (worth £3,000)
InvestmentPer project£5,600 monthly£8,900 monthlySpeak to us

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