Past Challenges

Ineffective freelancers

Negative past experience

Frequently evolving scope

Specialist skills needed

Project Description

The Money Cloud is a foreign exchange comparison platform that lets customers find the best rates to make international transactions. As part of their platform, they wanted to include a machine reasoning tool to identify patterns of customer usage and make suggestions on the best way to transfer their money.

Before choosing Distributed, The Money Cloud had worked with a Sitecore recommended development agency whose favourite words were "Out of scope". Inflexibility became a huge problem, as the project evolved so too would the required skills. Hoping to address that they hired freelancers but found the required management time while running a business was too high; that, aligning freelancers to common goals across timezones was almost impossible.

At this point, The Money Cloud won an award and a UK Innovate grant for this idea which required very detailed road mapping. They knew they needed help that would allow dynamic, flexible access to varied skillsets as well as a proven development process to deliver.

Elastic Teams™️ give them that flexibility with the internal delivery management team acting as trusted advisors; while leading the development process. Distributed is able to ensure the project is staffed correctly and delivered to the best standard possible.

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