Past Challenges

Specialist Skills Needed

Flexible issue resolution

A-team overcapacity

Continuous Improvement

This enterprise pensions administration software had part of its system built on what is now a defunct language. Progress4GL, which is rarely used these days. No existing talent proficient in the UK meant the company had resorted to hiring and training graduates in the language.

They had already built a new application in Open Edge but had many key clients still using the old system. Leaving them stuck having to maintain and resolve issues continuously. The nature of bug fixing meant out-of-the-blue many of the core development team would have to drop current initiatives to fight fires.

Elastic Teams provided a flexible on-demand way of maintaining and improving the system. Distributed was able to find in our pool, 4 of the world's foremost experts in P4GL with a combined 140 years experience in the language. Meaning the stress of ongoing system maintenance is in great hands and the core team is free to focus 100% on its high impact digital roadmap.

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